Sorry for not writing sooner…have been under the weather.

Tomorrow is the big day where this country goes into self-imposed spending cuts that were created and proposed by the white house, thus it was the President’s idea. Which he now denies. A Whitehouse person (unnamed) even went so far as to threaten Bob Woodworth for pointing this out in a news article. This “aide” went so far as telling Bob that he will “regret” his actions.

It is terrible when people are so consumed by power that they start to use that so-called power against others. There is so much corruption, vote manipulation, lies, and illegal activity in both political parties that it shocks me that the “silent majority” turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to what goes on day after day. Members of Congress wants to be excluded from anything that negatively affects them. Have you ever wondered why someone would spend millions to earn the salary of a member of Congress? It’s because no rules have ever been passed that negatively affects them because they are the ones who cast the votes. When is the majority of people in this country going to realize that we are the ones that allow this behavior to continue.

The political members in Congress and in our State Legislatures and Corporate America have sold this country down the river and you can see the effects. I challenge all Americans to not buy anything that is made, processed, or packaged in any foreign country except Canada for one month and watch what happens. The reason that there is fewer jobs in America is because so many American Corporations have moved jobs out of this country to increase profits because labor costs in these countries are pennies on the dollar. This came about because of their greed and America’s demand for cheap products. For example, Alaskan Pollock fish fillets are not processed in Alaska anymore. They may be caught in Alaskan waters, but they are than sent to China to be processed and then sent back to the US. If you do not believe me, it says so on the box that I bought at a “Cash Wise” grocery store. How ridiculous is that!!!!!!!!!

When is America going to wake up…when it is too late? We need to clean out our political system and start anew. But I am only one voice and I need others who believe like me…others who are not afraid to lend their voice to this cause. I do not support Democratic or Republican ideals, but I do support an American ideal in which all peoples are treated equally…like the writers of our Constitution wanted. We, the people of this Country need to stand up to the stupid behavior in our political parties and tell them to work for us or begone. A revolt is on the horizon, why else does the Political Parties all use the same “gloom and doom” news reporting to try to keep us in line. Its surprising that more people do not see that it is never as bad as the political machine makes it out to be.