I was totally disgusted and outraged over the video that I observed over the treatment of a family flying to Disney World with their 3 year old who has spine-abifida and is in a wheelchair.  The mother was video taping the entire event because they wanted to pat-down the beautiful little girl and search her wheelchair and her favorite stuffed animal…like as if she has a bomb on her.  TSA apparently apologized later, but the child was traumatised and frightened.

Where is our common sense, yes, I want to be safe on a plane, but a handicapped 3 year old does not worry me in the least.  The TSA agents involved should be fired.  This goes against the ADA and everything that this is about, is morally wrong. 

When is members of Congress going to rein in this federal agency and start holding their staff accountable.  I worked in a prison for almost 30 years and conducted many pat and even strip searches, and treated the inmates with more respect then these TSA staff members treated this little girl and her family.

This same behavior is very apparent in our our political members treatment of each other and totally disrespect each other. 

I was a very young man attending a parade in my hometown, with my father.  In the parade was the, then Democratic governor.  Our state has long been a strong Republican state with few successful Democratic candidates.  As the governor approached our position on the street, my father started to chap his hands.  Slowly, other people joined in.  As my father and I were walking home, he asked me why I had been embarrassed.  I said because people were staring at us.  My father said, “never be ashamed of who you are and what you stand for.  Whatever political party you belong to, you should respect the office that he holds.  He was the governor of our state and because of that he deserves our respect.”  This “lesson” in treatment of others has been with me for over 50 years and eventhough, my father is no longer here, it was one of the most meaningful times that I ever spent with my beloved father.  Thanks Dad..you are the best.