Hi.  This is the first of my blogs about things that I feel could or should be changed, addressed, or just discussed.  It is a forum to discuss, complain, and possibly bring about change in our beloved country.  I realize that I am just one voice in the wilderness, but it needs to start somewhere and this is the beginning of what I hope is a uniting of “like” thinking people who realize that our country is “broken” and needs some major fixing.  The field of discussion will be open and I will discuss almost any subject, but it will be my viewpoint, right, wrong, or otherwise.  I am an independent, conservative thinking liberal, elderly white Catholic male.  I welcome all readers and would love hearing from you, and if you like what you read here, please pass on my blog link to your friends and associates.  Thank you.

My first subject is our never-ending fiscal dilemma that is occurring in this country and congress’ refusal to do anything about it.  They would rather complain of the “other” party, than work together to solve the issues at hand.  When did we in America, forget what it means to be “united” in a cause.  Many of our fathers and grandfathers fought for our continued freedoms and many paid with their lives to do so.  They would be shocked by what is occurring in Washington and even in our state legislatures.  It is all political bs and I refuse to continue to support a political system based on party affiliation and greed.  Most of our so-called leaders have forgotten about what was taught in “civics” class.  Holding political office was never meant to be a lifestyle.  I find it ironic that most people in public office would say the same thing about people on public assistance.

We need to curb spending, create a balanced budget and bring about a bright future for our children and grandchildren.  We are in this dilemma together and it will take a “United” effort to get out of it.

The following are some of my ideas to bring about some fiscal responsibility:

1.  Bring home our troops from all foreign countries and we will not become involved with anything else unless we are threatened.

2.  Immediately stop all “aid” to all other countries and tell them no future aid will be coming.

3.  Start working together to improve this country for our citizens, not just for the wealthy.

4.  Create a one day’s pay back to the federal government to reduce the deficit.  All citizens give back to the government…one days pay and all US companies give one days earnings (not profits).

5.  Quit electing people by party and remind them that they are there to represent us..not their personal agenda.